Traditional Basic and Classic Split

Traditional Basic and Classic Split

A 50 / 50 split of Traditional choices on Soft Rolls, Hoagies and Focaccias and Basics on Sliced Bread containing a selection of sandwiches that may include:

Plain Ham / Turkey / Chicken / Beef
Sweet Chilli / BBQ / Tuna Mayo Wraps
Ham and Mature Cheddar
Cheese Savoury
Beef / Ham / Egg Salad
Egg Mayonnaise
Cheese and Pickle

This platter will contain 50% vegetarian options, however due to the more limited vegetarian selection, there may be some options used twice

1 item per person

All Vegetarian No
All Halal No
All Vegan No
Gluten and Wheat Free No
Dairy Free No
Celery? * Yes
Gluten? * Yes
Crustaceans? * Yes
Eggs? * Yes
Fish? * Yes
Peanuts? * Yes
Soya? * Yes
Milk? * Yes
Lupin? * Yes
Sesame Seeds? * Yes
Sulphur? * Yes
Molluscs? * Yes
Mustard? * Yes
Nuts? * Yes

* While this item may not directly contain this ingredient, it may contain ingredients that have been produced in an environment where this allergen exists.