Sandwich Platters

All of our sandwiches and wraps are made fresh in Manchester on the day of your order and never pre-packed

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Sandwich Platters

Basics Sandwich Platters

Our Basics range represents the best value for money. Served on sliced white and wholemeal bread, these platters offer a variety of fresh fillings whilst staying well within budget and keeping to plainer, more traditional fillings.

Classics Sandwich Platters

The Classics range contains a selection of more adventurous fillings on a wider variety of breads. You get a lovely fresh selection of Focaccias, Soft Rolls and Tortilla Wraps.

Premium Sandwich Platters

For special occasions and more adventurous tastes, our Premium range showcases a variety of Ciabattas, Focaccias, Tortilla Wraps, Seeded Rolls and Bagels. Premium fillings range from Roast Duck with Star Anise through to Falafel, Roasted Pepper and Houmous Wraps.