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We have a wide range of buffets to suit every need from working lunches to large events and seminars. Order from our set menus, or create your own by choosing individual platters.

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We create tasty, non-pretentious food from high quality ingredients and wrap that up with outstanding customer service.

Our buffet catering service gives you the choice of a wide range of buffet options, with free delivery to your workplace. Whether you're hosting a corporate event, external lunch or a working meeting, our buffet catering is designed to meet all your needs.

We specialise in buffets for corporate clients and deliver within Greater Manchester, Altrincham, Warrington and beyond.

What is Buffet Catering?

Buffet catering is a flexible and versatile way to serve food at any corporate event. It involves laying out a spread of various platters, allowing guests to serve themselves.

This style of catering is ideal for events where you want to offer a wide variety of food options to accommodate different tastes and dietary requirements. Our buffet catering services include everything from sandwiches and salads to dessert platters, ensuring a comprehensive experience for your guests.

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Here’s why our buffets stand out:

  • Variety and Customization We offer an extensive range of options to suit all dietary needs and preferences. Whether you need gluten-free, halal, or vegan buffets or just a classic selection, we have it all. Our platters can be customised to include your favourite fillings and types of bread, making each platter uniquely yours.
  • Convenience With our efficient sandwich platter delivery service, you can enjoy delicious sandwiches without any hassle. Simply place your order online, and we will deliver it right to your office or business, ensuring that the food arrives fresh and on time.
  • Presentation We believe that food should look as good as it tastes. Our cold buffets are beautifully arranged, making them a stunning centrepiece for any event. Every buffet is designed to be visually appealing, adding an extra touch to your event or meeting.

One of the things that sets us apart is our range of dietary options. We believe that dietary meals shouldn't be an after-thought. Vegetarian guests want more than just cheese! Gluten-intolerant guests are tired of being given bread that tastes like card or worse ... an after-thought salad!

Gluten Free Meal

We make choosing dietary meals for Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Nut-Free guests easy when you place an order online. Simply tell us what you want to avoid and we'll filter a selection of sandwiches, salads and meals down to just the items that you can order.

And remember, when you order online with us, you get free delivery on every order. We also don't for the extras you need such as disposable plates, serviettes or cups.

How Much Does a Buffet Cost?

The cost of buffet catering can vary depending on the menu and the number of guests. On average, a cold buffet will cost anywhere between £8 to £30 per head. Our buffet prices are competitive and tailored to suit different budgets. Use the button at the top of the page to get access to our pricing and downloadable menu.

Unique Buffet Ideas

Looking for some inspiration for your next event? Here are a few catering ideas to get you started

Themed Buffets

Create a themed buffet around a particular event such as Wimbledon, The Euros or a Royal Celebration.

Healthy Buffets

Include a selection of salads, fresh fruits, and lean proteins for a health-conscious spread.

Dessert Buffets

Indulge your guests with a variety of sweet treats, from cakes and pastries to petit fours and canape desserts.

How many people should I cater for with a buffet?

No one enjoys being hungry and it's even worse when they're guests at your event 😳. A good rule of thumb is to cater for a little more than the expected number of attendees to ensure everyone has enough to eat. Typically, we recommend planning for about 10-15% more than your guest list to account for any unexpected guests or larger appetites.

How to Order

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Ordering our sandwich platters is simple and straightforward. Head to Our Food, and choose Sandwich Platters from the list of options to see everything in that part of the menu.

You can easily customise most sandwich platter selections by choosing the meat & seafood to vegetarian ratio when you add the item to your basket. Once your order is placed, we'll make your ready-made sandwich platter fresh on the day and deliver it to your office at whatever time you choose.

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